Academic Profile

I commenced a PhD research programme at the University of Bath in June 2014. My primary interests are cognitive architectures for transparent, autonomous action selection and robot ethics. I am particularly interested in robots within domestic or near-domestic environments.


2014 – Present                  The University of Bath

Degree : Ph.D Intelligent Systems

My research is being carried out at the Department of Computer Science under the supervision of Dr Joanna Bryson. See the research page for further details. 

1985 – 1986                  The University of Bath

Degree : M.Eng Electrical & Electronic Engineering

1981 – 1985                  The University of Bath

Degree : B.Sc (Hons) Electrical & Electronic Engineering (First Class)

Final year project: Developed a mathematical theory for robotic walking. Wrote the software to control a pair of robotic legs. Built a small model and developed a theory of ‘statically stable walking’ and wrote code to solve the non-linear transcendental equations that result. Wrote assembler code (MC68000) to drive stepper motors that controlled the legs. 

Other Recent Courses Attended

Summer 2012

Learning from Data, Machine Learning (course at Postgraduate level). California Institute of Technology (CalTech)

Professional Memberships



See Google ScholarUniversity of Bath Open Access

Other Publications

  1. Wortham, R. H. and Bryson, J. J. (2017). Communication. In Living Machines – A Handbook of Research in Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems, Edited by Tony J. Prescott and Paul F. M. J. Verschure {in press.}. Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  2. Wortham, R.H. (2015), Book Review – In Our Own Image by George Zarkadakis. In AISB Quarterly No143, June 2016, AISB.

Commercial Profile

During my career in commercial electronics, computing and IT, I have provided technical expertise and guidance at all levels, from hands-on coding to corporate board level consultancy. As a Project Manager I have managed software projects and system deployments internationally. As a Company Director I have provided oversight to the successful growth of RWA (Robert Wortham Associates Ltd)  from a fledgling software house to a major international supplier of systems to the Travel Industry. My goals have always been to deliver solutions to a truly professional standard, and to develop both processes and people as part of this. For further information see me on LinkedIn.

Other Interests and Activities

I enjoy travel and have been fortunate to have travelled very widely on business over the years including Europe, Scandinavia, USA, South Africa, the Middle East and India. I play the guitar and have a project studio at home, which has produced several commercial CD’s over the years. Our family enjoys skiing and we make an annual pilgrimage, generally to the Alps. 

Rob Wortham – PhD researcher in Autonomous Robotics